Dogs + Cats Deserve Healthy Water: Best Methods for Purified Structured Water

July 15, 2021

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Our fur babes need care around their water too!

I grew up in the country on well water and all our animals were incredibly healthy, living into their late teens and one cat even to 22! They were always drinking rain and spring water. Once I moved to NYC, I noticed my friends animals including my cat seemed to really suffer from various issues. During those days it never crossed my mind that perhaps it was their water (including other various environmental issues).

Purified, mineralized and structured water is so important to sustaining a thriving life. It makes so much sense if you think about it. If water is dead, your cells just aren’t being fueled in the way they need to be. And this applies to ALL living creatures. Bulk water (dead water) contributes to pathology and disease.

There are many videos online (in Russian and Belarusian) where the owner will put down two water bowls. One with structured opal flint water and one with tap water. The animal ALWAYS goes to the structured water. It’s incredible.

Finally, drinking silica-rich structured water has been proven to pull heavy metals from the body. Our animals pull in toxins daily and it is important for them to detox just as humans do. 

Water recommendations for your favorite pet(s):

  • If using our medicinal brown opal flint to structure your water, I recommend including 3 cups a day of this mineralized water in their daily routine. Learn more about using our stones to mineralize and structure water HERE. 
  • It is best to only use purified water when feeding your animal. Many bottled water brands are just bottling dead water. Choose your brand carefully if using bottled water. For best purification, we recommend a reverse osmosis filter / process. For ideal water, this filtered water then needs to be mineralized (our stones are great for this). Finally, for ultimate structured water, we recommend using a vortex system to add movement to your water. This method will create water that will have your fur baby thriving. 


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