The Basics of Structuring Water and Valuable Resources

August 24, 2021

The Basics of Structuring Water and Valuable Resources

If you are new to the idea of structured water (also known as activated water, living water, EZ water), then here are some lovely resources to listen to, read, and think about. It's not a complicated concept, and if anything, becomes extremely exciting once you start diving into all the various studies and ideas.

Here's to new beginnings...

Isabel Friend: Water is Life
Isabel has a plethora of amazing information on her site, and is an absolute delight to listen to. Below is a link to her free webinar that will have you thinking about the water you drink in a completely different way. Her words (and the simple way she explains it) made me truly fall back in-love with the essence of water and what it means to the body and soul.

I also highly recommend Isabel's website and her Resource Guide that details some amazing tools for better structured, living water. Plus, Isabel is currently trying out our medicinal opal flint for structuring her water and releasing natural occurring silica! Yay!


Randy Hatton: Vibrant Vital Water

Randy will inspire you to treat your water with more care and love after watching him speak for just 5 minutes. This man has a wealth of knowledge around the science of vortexing and magnetizing water. This is a practice I recently started, taking my opal flint + quartz structured water and doing a double vortex between two bottles before adding it to my drinking bottle for the day. It's been amazing and I highly recommend this practice (or ritual, even). 



Amber Hill (founder of the popular Medicine Stories podcast) and her detailed interview with Dr. Nuday, author of Water Codes. This is another podcast that will have you rethinking everything about water.

From Amber’s website:
“We’ve all heard that we’re about 70% water by weight, but we are almost 100% water by molecular count. Water is the most abundant *and* the most mysterious substance on the planet. It is the source and the mediator of all of life and consciousness, and the single most important metric in the health of individuals and the earth as a whole. The difference between structured (liquid crystalline) water and bulk water is imperative to understand at this moment in planetary history. Let’s dive in! 

“Ultimately, a theory that could adequately explain the existence of structured water would also explain the connection between mind and matter.” Dr. Marcel Vogel, IBM scientist and crystallographer

    I also highly recommend Dr. Nuday's book, Water Codes.



    “Water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world.” - Dr. Masaru Emoto

    So many of you are already aware of Dr. Emoto but as a reminder his findings basically showed us that water can change its structure just by the thought and intention we put into it. Whether that is prayer, an affirmation, music or a simple “thank you”. He discovered that all of this affects the molecular structure of water.

    I personally say an affirmation to the water at night when I’m refilling my dispenser and Opal flint stones, and then again in the morning while I’m filling up my drinking bottles for the day. This is when I set my intentions for the day and my personal growth goals. The water inside me is working with me as a tool to achieve the reality that I want for myself and my family. It’s magical and I’ve never felt more presence, grounded and healthy since taking on this daily practice with water.

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    The Power of Opal Flint (and it's History in Humanity)

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    Not all flint is created equal! WATER+ STONE deals exclusively with opal flint. Opal flint is a hydrated crystallized amorphous form of silica.  Before turning to its hardened form it was more or less fine mud rich in silica. The opal contained in the flint was formed from the remains of prehistoric animals and plants, like skeletal remains of marine organisms, retaining ancient organic matter. Some geologists suggest that it also could be mixed with volcanic ash, giving it a dark grey appearance. 

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    Medicinal Brown opal flint (our product) releases natural occurring silica in water and has been studied and known to be extremely beneficial in pulling heavy metals (specifically aluminum) from the body. 

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