The Power of Opal Flint (and it's History in Humanity)

August 01, 2021

The Power of Opal Flint (and it's History in Humanity)

Not all flint is created equal! WATER+ STONE deals exclusively with opal flint. Opal flint is a hydrated crystallized amorphous form of silica.  Before turning to its hardened form it was more or less fine mud rich in silica. The opal contained in the flint was formed from the remains of prehistoric animals and plants, like skeletal remains of marine organisms, retaining ancient organic matter. Some geologists suggest that it also could be mixed with volcanic ash, giving it a dark grey appearance. 

The process and benefits of opal flint and its relation to water has been officially studied since the 1970’s. Although our ancestors were no fools. The healing properties of flint are mentioned in the books of ancient philosophers. It was used for healing warts, for decorating walls in rooms where meat was stored, for powdering wounds in the form of a powder which prevented gangrene, silicon millstones in mills made it possible to obtain flour with excellent baking and taste qualities. For a long time, the bottom and the inner surface of wells were laid out with silicon, since it was noticed that people who used water from such wells were less sick, and such water was unusually clear, tasty, and healing. Peter the Great, the Emperor of Russia, actually issued an order instructing his soldiers to take a pouch of flint stones for water cleaning purposes when going on a trip.

But it was healer and scientist Anatoli Malyarchikov from Belarus who really pushed the study of structuring water with opal flint forward and made it nationally known in the countries of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Malyarchikov noticed that at the bottom of Lake Svetloye, located 100 miles from St. Petersburg, in which there is a lot of silicon (in the form of opal flint), the water was always clear and visible to a depth of ten meters. Locals said that swimming in the lake positively affected human health, scratches and wounds healed faster, and nails and hair grew stronger. The secret of the fantastic taste the water had was in silicon, which laid at the bottom of the lake. 

According to Malyarchikov, opal flint activates and regenerates water and turns it into a liquid with unique properties.

During his studies he noted water alkalinity increased when flint was present. At the same time, impurities, such as ammonia, heavy metal ions, and mercury compounds became neutralised. 

Doctor Yurie Davydov, head of the Laboratory at the Institute of Radiological Issues of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic, stated that water infused with flint that sits for 5 days has the ability to strengthen the hemostatic capabilities of blood, increasing its ability to coagulate. "  M. Sinyavsky, professor of the Department of Medical Training at Mogilev State University noted  “For several years, I have not observed cancer in quite sick patients, while using water activated by opal flint.”

The phenomenon of silicon-activated water was studied in more than twenty research institutes and finally a series of studies was published titled “Flint and Humanity, or Flint is Gaining Glory Again” . Of course it’s almost impossible to find any information on this in English, but there’s an abundance of it in both Russian and Belarusian language.

Scientific studies on the role of silicon for human health are covered in V. Krivenko and AV Khmelevskaya study “Lithotherapy. Mineral treatment ” Pedagogy-Press, 1994.. E. Mikheeva "Healing properties of silicon", SP, 2002, and the works of M. Voronkov and I. Kuznetsov ( USSR Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, 1984), A. Panicheva, L. Zardashvili, N. Semenova, and others. It has been shown that silicon is involved in the exchange of fluorine, magnesium, aluminum, and other mineral compounds, but especially interacts closely with strontium and calcium. One of the mechanisms of silicon is that due to its chemical properties it creates electrically charged colloidal systems that have the ability to absorb viruses and pathogens that are foreign to the human body. We love that Russia has a deep and old history studying and practicing Lithotherpy,  the use of the energy emitted by minerals for healing purposes (mineral elixirs are based on scientific lithotherapy.)

During these various studies a relationship was found between the concentration of silicon in drinking water and cardiovascular diseases. Tuberculosis, diabetes, leprosy, hepatitis, hypertension, cataracts, arthritis, cancer are accompanied by a decrease in the concentration of silicon in tissues and organs. Essentially, the health of our tissues, bones as well as the whole body depends on a sufficient amount of silicon.

Dr. Linus Pauling, stated to the 74th Congress of the United States back in 1936, "Every ailment, every sickness, and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency."

This statement relates perfectly to the many studies conducted that have found that an array of minerals are poorly absorbed when drinking dead bulk water, which leads to other complications and pathologies. It’s time to change our way of thinking about water, and get back to our ancestral roots that have honored water as a sacred element of Earth for thousands of years, across religions and across traditions.  

Beauty Water: Water Activated in Opal Flint

In Eastern Europe such water is widely known and very useful as a beauty product: it cleanses the skin, relieves dandruff, and promotes hair growth. Silicon is also part of collagen, the main protein in connective tissue. Its main role is participation in a chemical reaction that holds the individual fibers of collagen and elastin together, giving the connective tissue strength and elasticity.

Thanks to the silicon in the water, calcium is well absorbed, which keeps our nails, hair and body healthy.

Flint: Grounding, Protective, Stabilizing

Flint is said to be one of the best talismans for those who want to feel grounded and secure in their lives. If you are somebody who craves emotional stability, it is important to welcome flint into your life. 

it said to shield the wearer from negative and low-vibration energies. If you need to get rid of something in your life, whether it's a bad habit, irritation, or complicated issue, then flint could be one of your greatest allies. 

“Flint is an exceptional grounding stone that extracts Earth’s purest vibrations. It assists in advancing one’s ability to channel this energy throughout their emotional and physical bodies. This energy is raw and extremely potent, thus aiding one on their quest of self discovery.” - The Crystal Council

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