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Medicinal Brown Opal Flint Stone



Box contains: 50 grams, used with 1 gallon dispenser for 5 months
Recommended usage:  drink 4 cups a day or 1 liter

When brown opal flint is infused into water it releases natural silicon and other minerals, activating the water (bringing it to life) and giving it a new structure. Activated water helps your body to enhance absorption of water on cellular level, in turn hydrating your body and organs to the fullest potential. This sort of long-term hydration has numerous benefits including reducing the effects of aging and helping the body maintain optimum health.  Plus natural occurring silicon water is known to pull toxic aluminum and heavy metal buildup from the body.*

Known benefits of drinking structured silica-rich water:

  • It brings your water to life (structures water). Living water quite literally sustains life whereas dead water doesn't. 

  • Mineralizes and purifies water, giving it a taste of spring water

  • Youthfulness in body, spirit, and mind

  • Activates collagen (skin and bone elasticity) and hair growth

  • Thought to help fight infections, be anti-viral, and anti-fungal

  • Helps absorbed vitamins, optimizing the benefits of the vitamin

  • Pulls toxic aluminum from the body

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Rinse stones with warm water.

Place stones  into a water dispenser, fill the dispenser, and let sit for 2 days.

Drink at least 3 times a day, especially after meals. 

Top off your dispenser each night for healing structured water ready to drink in the morning. Water restructure after 6 hours.

Rinse stones and dispenser once a week. Water will restructure after 6 hours.

Change your stones every 5 months.

Who is known to suffer from silicon deficiency and can benefit from drinking structured silica-rich water?

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