Our Story


Water+Stone is a holistic health and beauty brand, utilizing medicinal stones to  “activate” water giving you multiple health benefits that will have you feeling and looking great. Beauty starts within but also with amazing water.

It was four years ago that we found our first piece of flint in the wild. Walking through a river high up in the Ossetian mountains, my husband spotted a large piece of beautiful opal flint. We took it and it sat as a decoration on a ledge in my kitchen. Some months later, an elder came to our home, a friend of the family knowledgeable in folk medicine. “You know that stone can cure just about anything” he told us. “Just put it in water and let it sit.” We started investigating, and sure enough brown opal flint had miraculous qualities. It seemed like a stone from the gods. For centuries, humans had been using it, understanding its powerful properties. By soaking the stones in water, the flint turned the water into a powerhouse of medicinal benefits. Liver cleansing, better water absorption, skin tightening, the list of health benefits went on. 

I had heard of the "crystal in a bottle" trend. But when I began researching, I found little good information about the products being sold. Where were these crystals and stones coming from? Who was mining them? Were they ethically sourced? Are they polished with a toxic coating not meant to sit in water? With brands able to put their label on a bottle mass produced in china with little to no product stream accountability, they seemed risky to use at best, harmful at worst. 

It was then I knew I wanted to introduce a cleaner, effective approach to placing healing stones into water for medicinal benefits. And thus “Water and Stone” was born. 

My children, husband and I began to drink activated flint water on a daily basis. My skin has less wrinkles and more elasticity even while struggling with night feedings from a new baby. I don’t look exhausted in the morning, no puffy face. My weekly migraines have disappeared. I drink a glass first thing in the morning before anything else. And I drink a glass after each meal. I rinse my face with it. After brushing my teeth, I do a final mouth rinse with it. After only two months, I noticed our skin had begun to to “glow.”

Water + Stone is for people who care about their long-term health, want to reduce their exposure to toxins, want to reduce their use of plastic, and believe in the magic of nature.  I hope you are as excited about it as I am, because clean activated water is an amazing resource that is so simple and effective.