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Medicinal Opal Flint + Quartz


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"My water ritual is a powerful tool I use for alignment with my higher self each morning. The stones + glass dispenser bring so much beauty… the healing and manifestation is limitless… I have so much gratitude for this sacred practice!"

- Nicole Thoennes, Dharma Creek Farm

I am such a big fan of everything Water and Stone offers. I have been using their opal flint and mountain quartz stones in their gorgeous glass water dispenser for several months and it has become a beautiful part of my daily water ritual. As someone who understands the importance of consuming structured water, I can confidently say that I feel more hydrated drinking water that has been activated by the opal flint and quartz stones. I look forward to using their products for years to come!

- Dawn Lusk, IHP + Certified Clinical Herbalist

John Jackson

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Angela Brill

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